Neon & Co Treatment Oil  and Frizz Fighter Duo (125ml x 2)
Treatment Oil and Frizz Fighter Twin Pack

Neon & Co Treatment Oil and Frizz Fighter Duo (125ml x 2)

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This super duo gives good hair day after day. The perfect combination of our 'Magic Water' and our lightweight,, and paraben free frizz fighter to get frizz free, silky and shiny hair in any weather that also works as a heat protectant. Great for weekly Oil mask overnight hair routine once a week.

Place the treatment oil and frizz fighter in the palms of your hands and mix together, then apply to the entire hair.

Use large section to separate and massage oil mixture evenly to the entire hair. Wrap your hair in a plastic shower cap placer a cute scarf over the top of the plastic bag it to keep the heat in. Then leave it overnight.

In the morning wash and condition your hair, this will leave the hair ready for you to enjoy, the best hair week. You can also rewet your hair with a spray water bottle and add the frizz fighter and oil for daily moisturizing to keep hair vibrant and free-flowing.

Repeat the oil mask every week as part of a weekly hair routine.


1x Treatment Oil (125ml) 

1x Frizz fighter (125ml) 

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