Treatment Oil For All Hair Types
Treatment Oil For All Hair Types
Treatment Oil For All Hair Types
Treatment Oil Light Weight For All Hair Types

Treatment Oil For All Hair Types

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If hair fall bothers you, and you want to stimulate new hair growth naturally then, the magic water is what you need

Neon & Co. Treatment Oil is lightweight and will give you a good hair day after day. Formulated with the goodness of macadamia oil surprisingly lightweight hydrates the hair scalp, grapeseed oil moisturizes, strengthens, repairs and adds shine, Kakadu plum oil provides UV protection and heat resistance to the hair. It seals split ends for smooth & healthy-looking results. Say “Good Bye” to the greasy oil which is heavy on the head and say “Hola” to this amazing divine smelling water that isn’t water at all.

Why You'll Love It?

It has all the goodness in one bottle : adds shine, strength & moisture in the hair. Unlike other hair oil, this magic water leaves behind soft, smooth, shiny & manageable hair. This is the most loved product of our customers, definitely try this out!

Benefits :

  1. It hydrates the scalp, eliminates breakage and adds elasticity to the hair.
  2. Unlike greasy oils, Neon & Co. Treatment Oil has a water-like texture that is lightweight on the head.
  3. It repairs damaged and prevents dandruff.
  4. It protects the hair from heat damage.
  5. Just add a few drops to your palm, it will just hydrate & repair the hair.

Pro Tip:

For effective results, Apply Neon & Co. Treatment Oil twice a month. Apply Neon & co. Treatment Oil & leave it overnight. Next day, wash your hair with Good Hair Shampoo & condition your hair with Good Hair Conditioner. Make a routine, your hair will become healthy, shiny & silky. It repairs damaged hair & protects from damage.


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  1. Apply small pumps of Neon & Co. Treatment Oil to wet or dry hair, concentrating on mid-lengths to ends and applying the remainder to the roots. Use daily for hair one like Rapunzel.
  2. For good results, shampoo your hair with our magical “Good hair shampoo” that rinse off your hair thoroughly and clears out all the dirt, leaving behind divine smelling hair.
  3. Condition your hair with healing “Good Hair Conditioner” which moisturizes your hair & detangles the Knotts, and add shine & strength to the hair.
  1. Macadamia Oil
  2. Kakadu plum oil
  3. Grape seed oil
  4. CycloPentasiloxane
  5. Dimethiconol
  6. Iso Propyl Myristate
  7. Iso Hexadecane
  8. Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
  9. Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate
  10. Fragrance.

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