Why it’s so important to give your skin a weekly scrub.

Arm - Why it’s so important to give your skin a weekly scrub.When it comes to scrubs a lot of people tend to think that that’s all it does, scrub you clean. However, when it comes to the benefits of face and body scrubs the list goes on and on. No matter if your skin is dry, oily or combination you can benefit from a once a week exfoliation. Using a gentle yet effective scrub is essential, you don’t want to tear your skin due to harsh ingredients so be sure to flip your product over and have a look for natural ingredients such as Jojoba beads, sugar and salt as they are gentle and smell oh so yummy. Natural exfoliants are also so much better for not only benefit your skin but they also benefit the environment. A lot of mainstream exfoliators and scrubs have micro-beads that are made up of plastic therefore never decompose. Seeing as they are so little fish and sea animals often mistake them for food, which let’s just say, doesn’t end well for them. 

On a more positive note, scrubs clean out your pores whilst stimulating collagen growth. This means that the scrubbing your face and body will result in bouncier, more youthful-looking skin! Here's some more great news, Neon & Co. have some amazing scrubs that use natural ingredients to scrub your skin to perfection. Our Body Polish is one of those products that once you have it, you’ll never want to let it go. With shea butter and macadamia oil to moisturise and beeswax to lock it in it’s a no brainer.
Tape - Why it’s so important to give your skin a weekly scrub. Alternatively, when it comes to face exfoliation you want to be even more gentle with the skin because your face skin is thinner, therefore, more prone to tears. Don’t freak out, we have a product for you! Our Jojoba sugar scrub is one of our most underrated products. It has people everywhere thinking “why the heck haven't I used this before?!”. With tiny sugar granules that scrub away the day's grit as well as any hidden nasties that might hurt your skin. Our 
Jojoba scrub has the healing and protective qualities of Jojoba (duh) and Aloe Vera your face and neck will feel rejuvenated and protected. 



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