Six Blow Dry Mistakes to Avoid

Hair Drier - Six Blow Dry Mistakes to Avoid

Tired of spending what seems like hours trying to achieve the perfect Blow Dry at home, only to be left with a frizzy, unmanageable mess? Follow my six simple tips to save time, effort and improve your blow drying skills!

Mistake # 1: Not Using Products

Hair products are the best way to ensure your hair stays protected during styling. Not only do they protect the hair from damage but they also help to optimize the performance of hot tools, which means you get healthier hair and a better overall style. My go to product to use before blow drying would have to be Neon & Co, Frizz Fighter. It provides heat protection and always guarantees a smooth, shiny finish!

Mistake # 2: Your Hair’s too Wet

Hair that is too wet will take forever to dry and style. I always recommend drying the hair off to around 80% before using a brush to begin styling the hair.

Mistake # 3: Not Sectioning Your Hair

Many people make the mistake of trying to dry and style large amounts of hair in one go; It’s best to dry the hair in small sections to ensure that you dry every strand. Start with the hair at the nape of your neck and work your way to the top of the head. Use clips to section the hair, allowing you to dry and style one portion at a time.

Mistake # 4: Not Using the Right Brush

The correct choice of a brush will help you to achieve your desired results. Use a small-medium round brush to make bounce and a medium-large sized round brush for smooth and sleek. Extend your arm up and out when you’re drying the root area to add volume and body then let your arm fall once you’ve reached the ends of your hair with the brush.

Mistake # 5: You aren’t Allowing Each Section to Set.

If you want lots of body and movement, you have to let your cool hair information to retain that style. When you twirl the hair around your round brush and immediately release it, you’re not giving the hair a chance to set, instead of as you finish each section wrap the hair around your fingers and secure to your head using a pin. Repeat this for the whole head and then leave to set for at least 10 minutes – the longer, the better!

Mistake # 6: You Aren’t Drying Your Hair Thoroughly

If your hair seems to get frizzy and fall flat just minutes after blow drying, then it’s very likely that you simply aren’t drying your hair entirely. Be sure every section is completely dry before moving onto the next one to protect yourself from frizz and fuzziness using treatment oil.

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