Secret Unique Compound 18-MEA Hair Scalp Mask!

Our New Hair and Scalp Mask helps to repair and condition dry, damaged hair while improving strength, texture, elasticity and restoring skin microflora balance.

We use a unique compound 18-MEA in the formula for our new mask. 18-MEA is a natural oil which occurs naturally in the hair follicle, and it is a relatively discovery that explains healthy, shiny hair (or lack thereof). Using our Hair and Scalp Silk Spa Mask returns 18-MEA to the hair cuticle and with added Silk Amino Liquid you instantly see and feel the difference, leaving your hair as soft as silk.

Those of us who color, relax, use heat, etc. are especially in need of this amazing mask, with the help of 18-MEA it minimizes future damage and halts the aging process. It can target and repair each hair, attaching itself to the damaged areas, restoring the surface.

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