Preserve Your freshly Coloured Hair and Save Money.

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Preserve your freshly coloured, beautiful hair (and your money) from being washed down the drain…


It makes no sense to spend your hard earned cash colouring your hair at a salon to then use hair care products at home that will then strip the colour.


Here at Neon & Co we use and recommend sulphate and paraben free shampoo and conditioners that will make the most of your colour and help to extend the life of it! Not only that but it repairs strengthens, protects and leaves hair beautifully soft and shiny. Antioxidants help to shield hair from UV damage and prevent colour fade so you get a longer lasting colour!


For Blondes –

*Neon & Co Toning Shampoo

*Neon & Co Toning Treatment

For Coloured Hair –

*Neon & Co Shampoo

*Neon & Co Conditioner

We are offering 50% off colours and cuts until 
the end of Sept so book in quickly as we have limited spaces available 
and don’t forget to pick up some quality hair care products on your way 

Blonde - Preserve Your freshly Coloured Hair and Save Money.

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