Neon & Co Founder's hair tricks


Simple, Quality, and thoughtful hair care

I don't understand why taking care of your hair has to be such hard work. Deb

The philosophy is to give your hair a good wash once or twice a week, hydrate your hair with water and good hair shampoo, and a good hair conditioner which will lock in the hydration, and your hair will thrive all week long.

Now the trick to maintain the hydration is to use a moisturizer for the hair-like our treatment oil, it's a day to day treatment oil, or it can be left overnight as an oil mask every two weeks. (treatment oil)

We also have a witch hazel toner to soak up any oils on the scalp, and you can restyle to hair or just leave to dry naturally. (Leave-in spray)

All the NEON & CO products designed to make hair care routines super easy and deliver the critical hair routine results.

Hydration once a week and lock in the moisture with a few drops of the treatment oil, witch hazel toner in-between washes on the scalp.

Once a week, hair time prep a new routine to never lose sleep by getting up early to wash your hair. Sunday night is hair wash night. 

After Washing towel dry with an old t-shirt and pop some of the leave-in treatment oil and leave to dry naturally or gently blow-dry on medium heat.

Tie up high in a knot and leave it for tomorrow morning.

Run your finger throughout your hair, apply the witch hazel leaves tonner and run a brush or just your finger to style your hair the way you like.

Founders' hair tips. 

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