At Home Facial With Gaia

We all know that sometimes taking a trip to your facialist can sometimes seem like it’s a little too much of an effort, and we get it. But just because your monthly facial falls out of budget doesn’t mean your skincare routine need to take a backseat.

Your skincare sister is here to save the day. We’ve formulated the perfect at-home skincare routine to unwind and help your skin look and feel vibrant again. So, sit down, light a candle and play some calming music and enjoy this facial routine.

Step 1: Wash away the days' nasties with some roses.

When it comes to your skin's ultimate health, you need to make sure that you clean your face but don’t strip it of its natural oils. By using the beautiful Milky Way Cleanser to start your facial your skin will be left feeling moisturised and cleansed. Simply wet skin with warm water and a toilette, place product on hands then rub in circular motions around the face. Remove product with a cotton pad and do not wash off the residue.  This will give the rest of the facial a great moisturised base.

Step 2: Time to get your mask on!

This is the ultimate step to making your bathroom feel like a luxurious spa. It’s time to whip out your bouncy turmeric face and get ready for glowing skin. Once you have cleansed your skin it is time to open your mask and start applying with either a makeup brush or your fingers! Simply place the mask on your face (and neck if you feel like it) avoiding mouth and eyes. Chill out, have your 'me time' and wait 15 minutes with this yummy mask on your face. Once the time is up, wash off with warm toilette and say hello to bouncy skin!

Step 3: Moisturise that beautiful skin of yours

Now it’s time to give your skin the cuddle it deserves, simply grab your favorite facial moisturiser and spread around your face. Allow this product to sink into your skin so that all the nutrients from your treatments go into your skin. 

And that’s it! Three easy steps to having a beautiful facial in the comfort of your own home all thanks to your new holiday in a bottle, Gaia.

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  • I have three containers of your skin water toning – D makeup micellar water I’m trying to find out some additional information about it but I don’t find anything on your website have you discontinued it here I could you provide me some information does it have to be used as a makeup remover or is it good as a toner what are the ingredients never mind that any information would be helpful thank you


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