4 Hair Care Myths - True Or False

Human - 4 Hair Care Myths - True Or False

Hair masks - I know what you're thinking, there are enough steps in your beauty routine as it is. Between colouring, washing, drying, regular trims and day-to-day styling, hair care can feel like a daily chore. So when it comes to hair masks, is it really worth the extra time and effort?

Well, it's time we unmasked the myths to show you how just how important this at-home DIY hair care step is and why it's worth cluttering your bathroom space with one more hair care product (just one more this time, we promise). After all, we all want great hair, but we don't want to work to get it.

 Blonde - 4 Hair Care Myths - True Or False

MYTH #1: I have to use a hair mask each time I wash my hair, right?

This depends on how frequently you wash your hair, however we recommend using a hair mask at least once a week. Don't worry, the hair gods won't condemn you if you forget - once every couple of washes is better than nothing at all. If you can, try to fit a treatment into your Sunday schedule to repair any sun or wind damage that your strands may have endured during the week. This doesn't have to be a dreaded task - light a candle, grab your favourite bath bomb and make it a time to relax and treat yourself before another busy week.

MYTH #2: Won't my hair look greasy after using a hair mask treatment?

Clothing - 4 Hair Care Myths - True Or False

Not to worry, we promise you won't walk into work after using a treatment looking like you've just left pilates class. Just make sure you look for a lightweight (yet still hydrating) product and your hair will be ready to dry and style straight after, no need for extra washes to get rid of all the oils. This way, you can easily work a treatment into your routine and still have fresh looking hair every day.

MYTH #3: Hair masks consume way too much time and effort.

Clothing - 4 Hair Care Myths - True Or False

The good news is that most masks do the job in 20 minutes or even less, so you don't need to cancel your plans to attend to your hair routine. Apply your mask and give it time to hydrate the cuticles before you jump into the shower, or if you like to wash your hair in the morning you can apply the night before for an even deeper moisturising treatment - just protect your pillowcase and get some much needed zzzzz's while the active ingredients get to work. Hard work? We don't think so.

MYTH #4: Hair masks are the be-all, end-all cure to my split ends.

Clothing - 4 Hair Care Myths - True Or False

Hair masks can do wonders for your hair, but sadly applying a mask can't fully repair prior damage to your ends. Keep in mind that while your best option to rid yourself of those pesky split ends is to book in a trim, regular treatments prevent future damage through strengthening your hair. If anything, you're likely to need a trim less frequently. Less trimming = longer, healthier hair = less money spent at the salon and more on espresso martinis. Now that's the kind of equation we like. 


There you have it a investing in a hair mask will not only protect the health of your hair after all that bleaching and straightening we put it through, but it will also save you time and money spent on repairing preventable damage. Rather than worrying about the mask that fits your exact hair type, try our hydrating and detanglinhair & scalp mask for the perfect sulfate and paraben free, no-fuss addition to your routine or ask our expert stylists during your next visit.

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